Japanese Heavy Metal

Too much blood-in my bathroom-too much blood-in my room-too much blood-too much blood-

I kiss the bloody chainsaw-I kiss the bloody axe-too much blood-too much blood…
(thanks bobbyconover for the good ear)

Sombody whisper in my ear

I washy my hands-over and a over-over and a over- I washy my hands-over and a over over and a ober-

I yi yi yi yi yi yi I’m-a-innocent- I yi yi yi yi yi yi I’m innocent

I was a very ordinary guy-I just a ordinary human being-

I killed him-I I-a-I-Kilt him-I washy my hands-over and a over-Oba and a oba-

I yi yi yi yi yi yi I’m innocnet-I yi yi yi yi yi yi yi I’m innocent-

Too much blood! Too much Blood! Too much blood! Too much blood!

Prison aint shit-I never saw anything-prison aint shit-prison aint shit-he was an empty-empty soul-prison aint shit-prison aint shit

She said the moment she was born-always-prison aint shit

Something didnt fit-prison aint shit

Tell your brother nothing-nothing-nothing-nothing-prison aint shit-I washy my hand-ober and a ober-

Too much blood in my batharoom-too much blaaaaaaaaaad!

Please help me-help me from my… hole

Please help me-please take my hand-I wahsy my hand ober and a ober-I’m fucking innocent-I’m fucking innocent!

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