The Twittering Marital Bed

I was recently asked to be best man to my best mate in the world. The one condition was my mate made me swear – NO jokes before the wedding. So on his stag-do, the night before the wedding and even in my speech I was on my best behaviour, but everyone had a great time so job done. I volunteered to check in on their house while they’re on honeymoon + 1 day I thought – “Technically, this is AFTER the wedding, right?” Before I go any further I should say 90% the tech is ripped from “The Twittering Office Chair” with a load of motion sensing tech added instead. So here’s the thing: the newlywed’s marital bed now has a pressure-sensitive pad underneath which now tweets everytime they get on the job. You’ll know when it starts, when it ends, the force, a rating on the frenzy index and a judge’s comment – all broadcast live to Twitter. What you will NEVER know is who they are. Or who I am.I figure I’ll tell my mate in due course that he’s had an audience.So spread the word! BTW – he stitched me up something rotten when he was my best man so I reckon this is reasonable payback 🙂 They get back from honeymoon on Friday but if you see any reports come up before then we’re bug testing as of now. Enjoy!

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